Your Assets And Probate Law

Your Assets And Probate Law In NSW? Your assets and Probate Law in NSW is worth seeking expert legal advice about! Probate is the formal application to the Supreme Court of NSW that needs to be made to allow the Executor of the Estate to manage and distribute the assets in the Estate in accordance … Continue reading Your Assets And Probate Law

Best Probate Legal Services NSW

Best Probate Legal Services in NSW Best Probate legal service, an important factor in find the best Probate Practice in NSW is selecting a Probate Lawyer who is an expert in, Probate Law and Wills and Estates Law. Choosing the wrong lawyer can have disastrous results as was discovered by a Queensland widow who is … Continue reading Best Probate Legal Services NSW

Probate Difficulties In NSW

Probate difficulties In NSW? Probate can come with a few difficulties!  Probate is the formal application that is made to the Court after a person has died. The purpose of the application to the Court is to establish the validity of the Will of the deceased so that the Executors named in the Wil,l can … Continue reading Probate Difficulties In NSW

When Do You Need Probate?

When Do You Need Probate in NSW When do you need Probate? Probate refers to a legal document that issues from the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The purpose of this legal document is to allow the Executor or Executors named in the deceased’s Will to begin collecting the assets and paying the liabilities … Continue reading When Do You Need Probate?

Probate Lawyers Sydney

Probate Lawyers Sydney NSW Probate and Your Loved Ones in NSW If you’re looking after a loved one, good Probate makes things much easier at difficult times! Looking after a loved one can be emotionally consuming. The last thing that you need to worry about at this time is what will happen after your loved … Continue reading Probate Lawyers Sydney

How To Obtain Probate

How To Obtain Probate In NSW When a person dies leaving a valid Will, the estate is distributed according to the terms of the Will. A probate order states that the Will has been proven to be the last valid Will, of the deceased.  It allows the executor to collect and distribute the estate, in … Continue reading How To Obtain Probate

Removal of an Executor

When a Grant of Probate is obtained, the court expects the person appointed as Executor to administer the estate properly. This means that there are certain responsibilities and duties one must fulfil if one is appointed Executor. These duties include collecting the assets of the deceased, organising funeral arrangements, paying the debts owed by the … Continue reading Removal of an Executor