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Trustees Personal Liability

Trustee’s Personal Liability For Negligence in NSW Are Estate Trustee’s open to personal liability for negligence, when handling an Estate? Trustee’s of deceased Estates are subject to numerous duties that they have a legal obligation to carry out including paying the debts of the Estate, gathering in the assets of the Estate and ensuring that the … Continue reading Trustees Personal Liability

Probate Difficulties In NSW

Probate difficulties In NSW? Probate can come with a few difficulties!  Probate is the formal application that is made to the Court after a person has died. The purpose of the application to the Court is to establish the validity of the Will of the deceased so that the Executors named in the Wil,l can … Continue reading Probate Difficulties In NSW

De-facto In Separate Houses!

Can you be in a De-facto relationship in separate houses? The law of inheritance often looks at whether the deceased was in a de-facto relationship before they died. To be characterised as a de-facto relationship under intestacy, two people must have had a relationship as a couple living together for at least 2 years before … Continue reading De-facto In Separate Houses!

When Do You Need Probate?

When Do You Need Probate in NSW When do you need Probate? Probate refers to a legal document that issues from the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The purpose of this legal document is to allow the Executor or Executors named in the deceased’s Will to begin collecting the assets and paying the liabilities … Continue reading When Do You Need Probate?